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Professional PHP5 2004 г Мягкая обложка, 672 стр ISBN 0764572822 инфо 4000d.

What is this book about? With the release of PHP 5 and the Zend Engine 2, PHP finally graduates from it earliest days as a lightweight scripting syntax to an powerful object oriented programming language thaаьжбщt can hold its own against the Java and NET architectures that currently dominate corporate software development This book has a pragmatic focus on how to use PHP in the larger scheme of enterprise-class software development What does this book cover? Unlike Java бкцдкor NET, there is little discussion of the application of design patterns, component architectures, and best-practices to the development of applications using PHP Software written in the absence of this sort of higher-order architecture will never beable to match the robust frameworks that Java and NET ship with out of the box This book addresses this issue by covering the following material: Part 1 discusses the OO concepts that were initially explored in Beginning PHP 5 and aбряыъ demonstration of how to implement them in PHP 5 This section also covers UML modeling and provides a brief introduction to project management techniques that are covered in more depth in Part 4 Parts 2 and 3 present objectsand object hierarchies that, when completed, comprise a robust toolkit that developers will be able to reuse on future projects These chapters are designed to arm the professional PHP developer with the sort of constructs that are available out of the box with platforms such as Java and NET — from simple utility classes like Collection and Iterator, to more complex constructs like Model/View/Controller architectures and state machines Part 4 shows how to use the toolkit from Parts 2 and 3 to create real-world applications We look at the development of a robust contact management system that will leverage the componentry and concepts already discussed and introduce project management and software architecture concepts that enable developers to accuбтлгеrately identify business requirements, design scalable, extensible platforms, and handle change management effectively It covers the waterfall and spiral project management paradigms and include a discussion on eXtreme Programming and other approaches to software development The Appendices include an extended discussion on the effective use of CVS, introduce the Zend Studio IDE and related tools, and discuss performance tuning and scalability Авторы (показать всех авторов) Эд Леки-Томпсон Ed Lecky-Thompson Хьяо Айде-Гудман Heow Eide-Goodman Стивен Д Новицки Steven D Nowicki.

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