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George Dalaras Ta Chromata Tou Chronou II / The Colours Of Time Формат: 2 Audio CD (Подарочное оформление) Дистрибьютор: EMI Records Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей Альбом инфо 5314d.

Box Set (2 CDs) Содержание CD1: George Dalaras Ta Chromata Tou Chronou I 1 Sad Words 2 Alexander's Mother 3 Quaint Homeland 4 The Free And The Cool 5 I Want To Get It Oft My Chest аьзте6 Harokopou 1942-1953 (Down At The Shanty Town) 7 I'll Be Talking To You 8 The Singer 9 Haidari 10 The Street Urchin 11 Governments Fall, Only Love Is Forever 12 You Finished Me Off 13 A Stranger For You And An Enemy 14 Trip To Kythera бкчбъ 15 If There's A Reason 16 Dust (Live) 17 El Emigrante (The Emigrant) 18 Manuela 19 Magical Islands 20 The Ballad Of Feelings And Delusions 21 Love 22 What Passion 23 Beautiful Town CD2: George Dalaras Ta Chromata Tou Chronou I 1 The Weather Vane 2 My Pleasure My Pain 3 Didimoticho Blues 4 Small Homeland 5 Ground Swell 6 South 7 Agr1gento 8 Luna Rossa (Red Moon) 9 Una Moneda Le Di (I Gave Him A Coin) 10бряяч Hair Dyed Red 11 Destiny 12 Ships On Land 13 Greece Is Our Boat 14 Knight 15 You Deserved A Better Love 16 One Night In Leverkusen 17 Good Luck 18 I've Said This Before 19 White Dove Исполнитель Георг Даларас George Dalaras.